Introducing Jeanne Malnati

Whether it is to an audience of 10 or 10,000, Jeanne’s ability to instantly and authentically connect with people, combined with her passion for sharing heartfelt, experience-driven business stories and life lessons, makes her a much sought after speaker and presenter. Also a popular training facilitator, Jeanne specializes in leadership development, team building and change management effectiveness. An expert in interpersonal and relationship dynamics, Jeanne inspires and challenges audiences of all kinds. Known as being “beautifully and brutally honest,” she masterfully guides and motivates leaders to step up and be courageous, bringing integrity back into the workplace as a high value. Jeanne teaches simple yet powerful communication tools that can be applied right away, with results being seen immediately. Learn more about Jeanne and her expertise here.


Favorite Workshop and Keynote Topics

  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Interpersonal Communication Tools
  • Women and the ‘It’ Factor
  • Self-Awareness and Other Awareness
  • Award-Winning Workplace Cultures
  • Signs of Appreciation
  • Staff Meetings that Rock
  • Conscious Leadership Principles
  • Leading From the Heart