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Cleanse the Container

Clean & Clear Communication System TM

Leaders of organizations struggle to grasp the importance of healthy interpersonal communication amongst employees and team members. Getting to the bottom of what keeps you stuck needs to be moved to the top of your priority list. Research shows that when there are unspoken and unfinished relationship issues, there is residual energy that negatively impacts a culture. When relationship issues are not discussed face-to-face, a team or an entire organization can become complacent and even crippled, far from the powerful, unified team that exceeds goals, inspires passion and posts profits.

“For sustainable culture change to happen, senior leadership must have a true desire and earnest commitment to tackle interpersonal obstacles and relationship difficulties among team members.”

Jeanne Malnati

Founder & CEO
The Culture Group

The Culture Group brings over 30 years of experience on how to get teams—like the one you are leading—on the same page, working together for greater impact, productivity and success. It involves sitting in a circle bringing your authentic self to the present moment. “Here and now” group processing is the overarching group dynamic principal used.

The Cleanse the Container process is The Culture Group’s signature program that taps into Jeanne Malnati’s genius. As a psychotherapist for over 20 years, with an expertise in interpersonal relationships and group dynamics, Jeanne brings a wealth of passion, experience and intuitiveness into facilitating these sessions. Cleanse the Container is for leaders and teams ready to invest and do the hard work required to produce dramatic change in team unity and synergy that becomes readily evident in your ROI.

The result?

  • Immediate feedback that leads to immediate changes and overall improvements
  • Pivotal, honest conversations that impact every area of your organization…for the better
  • Where needed: A clean slate. A fresh start.
  • Conscious leadership development that influences every person in your organization
  • Employees who love what they do, are inspired and passionate. They feel heard, valued and known. In turn, customers are happier. Productivity and profits skyrocket.

Remember, the success of your organization begins and ends with the level of trust and passionate engagement of your people. What’s on the spreadsheets is only a part of what makes a good company great. Stop applying Band-Aids to old problems. It’s time to do a team “cleanse”, addressing past wounds and cleaning out old misunderstandings for good.

Contact us at The Culture Group today if you are ready to begin cultivating the elements that will transform your team into an industry leader.