Client Testimonials

Jeanne Malnati is a rare blend of courage, compassion and excellent coaching capability. She is willing to take her clients to places they would often be afraid to go on their own. One of those places is candid, open communication where previously unapproachable conversations happen with clarity, grace and ease. Her impact on leaders and teams is powerfully positive, transformational and sustainable.

Jim Dethmer

Co-Founder, Conscious Leadership Group

Jeanne Malnati has contributed her expertise in corporate communication and culture-change at several Process Excellence-focused conferences. In this business where successful Change Management is at the core of everything we do and where the soft skills are really hard - Jeanne's method and experience breaks through the murky discomfort that naturally surrounds change. With some simple technique and practice, Jeanne has inspired participants to have difficult conversations and head-off communication issues before they fester and become big problems. My favorite quality of Jeanne's methods is her genuineness - her ability to boil down most problems to simple human interaction issues. Using her treatments and a little practice, small improvements result in big improvements!

Kathy Miller

Director of Global Client Solutions, MoreSteam

If you can make a restaurant group functional, other places should be a piece of cake. This is what every CEO needs to know. Jeanne Malnati is a dynamo on a mission.

John Carroll

President, Modern Luxury

Your session was so very comprehensive and hit home with everyone in the room. You completely mesmerized the audience and your message was deeply felt. I was extremely honored to be there.

Steven Colton

Corporate Consultant, Joseph A. Banks

I have had the pleasure of participating in an Executive Circle lead by Jeanne and have been inspired personally and professionally more in the first six months than in my twenty five year career. Jeanne has pushed us with love and compassion to have greater understanding of our roles in our interpersonal relationships both inside and outside of the Circle. What an honor to be with such remarkable women.

Beth F. McCormack

Partner, Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove

I have seen Jeanne in action working with teams of people and speaking in front of organizations. She always delivers and her universal message on difficult conversations rings true with all business owners and organizations. Jeanne’s real approach to business, experience and ability to help others deal with difficult conversations head on is invaluable. I am in debt to her for the amazing advice!

Alexandra Eidenberg

President, The Insurance People

Looking to transform your business by helping your team learn to effectively communicate the tough stuff? Look no further.

LauraJane Hyde

CEO, Gilda’s Club Chicago

Any time you bring someone from the outside in to work with your people, you always ask yourself, ‘Will they get it? Can they connect?’ Usually, the answer is, ‘No,’ but Jeanne is a rare exception. She gets it, she connects instantly, and you’ll know it because your employees will tell you. If you want your people to Care More and Achieve More, Jeanne can help and she’s always on your side. We recommend her highly.

Eric Hsueh

Co-Owner, AKIRA Chicago

I have had the pleasure of participating in several sessions, workshops and lectures facilitated by Jeanne Malnati, who is a very engaging presenter. Jeanne’s passion about her topic coupled with her love of speaking and engaging with an audience makes her a memorable presenter. I highly recommend Jeanne.

Ken Meyers

Senior Vice President Human Resources, Hospira, Inc.

Passionate, dynamic and tender. I knew Jeanne would be a good fit when I asked her to come speak with our Akira managers. I was blown away by her ability to connect with the audience so quickly and authentically. By the end of the day, our managers were already using some of the tools Jeanne had shared with us. Jeanne definitely has her bag of magic tricks that can help transform and improve every business culture!

Erikka Wang

Co-Owner, Akira Chicago

Jeanne Malnati refuses to stay on the surface, knowing that the deeper relational and communication issues must be addressed to achieve true team unity. She challenges us by speaking hard truths, but it doesn’t hurt. Jeanne is a real champion to each individual, a powerful mediator. At the top of the list, she is caring. She creates an environment where it’s safe for all of us leaders to express.

Mindy Kaplan

Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Jeanne Malnati is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging speaker. Her style immediately puts people at ease and her message is clearly communicated and understood. Her ability to weave true-life stories into her talks, along with sound information, makes her both educational and entertaining.

Anthony Manos

Catalyst, Profero, Inc. / LEAN

Get ready for the real deal. Jeanne Malnati and her team will help your group get real, answer questions honestly and look inside — where it matters most — to begin a process that will breathe new life and integrity in your corporate culture.

Lynda Murphy

President/Founder, Murphy Knott Public Relations

Thank you for being an inspiration to myself and all the Walter E. Smithe managers. I've heard nothing but good feedback about your presentation. The only thing I would have changed is giving you more time to go deeper.

Eric Clark

Multi-Store General Manager, Walter E. Smithe Furniture

You make me want to be a better leader and have restored my hope that it is possible. You have made a huge impact on our Breakthrough organization. I hope you know how that positively affects our guests and participants and the work we have set before us.

Arloa Sutter

Founder and Executive Director, Breakthrough Chicago

Due to her knowledge of group dynamics and excellent mediation skills, Jeanne enabled us to resolve our tension and function the way a board should. Ultimately, we were able to come together to accomplish our goals.

Joanne Meyers

President of the Board of Directors, Elyssa's Mission

You are engaging and inspiring creating many openings for much needed conversations and a way to begin them in an authentic way.

Susan Rossie

President, Susan Fredman Design Group

You have a deep sense of caring that we could all feel coming from you as you spoke to us. Your candor and authenticity, even in front of such a large group, gave us each the feeling of a close personal connection with you. I am confident that I speak for many when I say that even though many of us have never spoken personally with you, you feel like a close and trusted friend. You’ve been given a rare gift and you are using it well.

Therapy client/workshop attendee

Chicago, IL

I am a huge believer in the ripple effect and you are creating many ripples and impacting generations. What an incredible journey this—learning to speak the truth face-to-face—has been. We have been stretched, challenged, encouraged and affirmed by you this past year. Your passion for clean and clear communication with one another is infectious and your gift of teaching is amazing.

Catherine Wang

Principal, Central School, Glencoe, IL